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Last updated March 10, 2020

Please read the following instructions carefully.

All applicable steps must be completed to participate in a class.



STEP 1. Apply to Leeward CC

Click here to apply by the applicable deadline (see below).

  • Summer 2020 Deadlines: May 15 (Session I), June 21 (Session II)

  • Fall 2020 Deadline: August 1

Begin preparing your health clearances as needed for STEP 6.

In 2-4 weeks, you will receive an acceptance email at the email address you provided on the application, at which point to can begin the activities in STEP 3.

STEP 2. Payment Voucher

If you are registering for a sheltered course, skip to STEP 3.

If you are registering for a stand alone course, click here for information about payment vouchers.

STEP 3. Receive acceptance email from Leeward CC.

Once you receive your acceptance email, you can now complete STEPS 4 and 5.  NOTE: You cannot complete STEPS 4 and 5 until you are accepted!


STEP 4. Create or activate your UH Username.


Click here for instructions.




STEP 5. Fill out the self-identification form.


Please self-identify by clicking here to enter your information.  We will use this to remove your NSO Hold.  NOTE: You must activate your UH username first, as this form will require you to sign into your UH account with your username.

STEP 6. Submit Health Clearances to the Leeward CC Health Center via File Drop.

You will submit up to four (4) health clearances to the Health Center.  Click here for more information and instructions for using File Drop.

STEP 7. Once all holds are removed, you can register for a course!

Click here for instructions to register.  You will need to get the CRN (course number) by doing one of the below:

  • Are you registering for a sheltered course?  Please check with your school to get the appropriate CRN.

  • Are you registering for an open course a Leeward?  Click here to see the Class Availability for the day and time options.


  • The deadline to register for a Fall 2020 class is Friday, August 23.

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